Quick Note

There is a 10% discount for tuition paid in full at the beginning of each semester. However, the sibling and semester discounts do not both apply.

Dressing appropriately for class not only provides functionality for movement but also allows the teacher to see proper body placement.

Furthermore, it encourages unity and shows respect for the art of dance.

  • All dancers should keep their hair up and out of their face.

  • Absolutely no street clothes will be allowed during class – (except for hip hop


  • No jewelry.

  • An appropriate cover-up to and from class is suggested.

  • Please label all shoes, jackets, team wear, and bags.

Dress Code is extremely important!

Dress Code

Creative Dance/Petite ballet – Studio black leotard and pink tights or black. A ballet skirt is acceptable but not required. Pink ballet shoes.


Stretch N Jazz/ Jazz I/II


Majorette Dance

(ages 8 & up) – any style black leotard,Sport Bra and black leggings, black jazz shoes, Jazz pants or black tight fitting dance shorts are acceptable.


Hip Hop(ages 8 and up) –comfortable outside wear, t-shirts, and baggy pants or shorts are acceptable. Tennis shoes – like Converse or Nikes are fine. No black sole shoes.

Ballet & Ballet/Acro I –III (ages 8 and up) – any style black leotard and pink tights. A ballet skirt is acceptable but not required. Pink ballet shoes – (preferably split-sole).


Contemporary (ages 8 and up) – any style black leotard and black tights. Tan slip-on half toe welcomed.

The Rolle Project is based on the mission that young people can follow rules to have a great time in class. The students are old enough to understand that there are certain basic rules or behavior that ensure a pleasant, safe environment for everyone.

Payment Information

All monthly payments can be made in person on or before the 7th of each month or you will have a $15 late fee. 

Unpaid tuition will have the student not be able to attend studio classes or rehearsal. Unless someone has spoken with the director.


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