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Teams & Performance Company 


Joining the company or teams helps dancers make it possible to maintain balance while executing high extensions and graceful to precise powerful movements. Learning how to correctly spot, enables dancers to improve and maintain balance and control while executing turns such as pirouettes.


The dancers meet two or three days for classes working to develop strength, balance, coordination, all styles of technique and flexibility, followed by center work, progressions across the floor and dance combinations.


Joining team or company classes will give each dancer the advantage of working on their core strength and also becoming a better performer. Our Classes helps with big leaps, legs and turns look elegant as well as pirouetting sharp and clear on the dance floor when performing choreography.

$125-165 Monthly 

$40 Reg Fee (One Time)

$150 Uniforms

Competitions fees not included  

Must Sign up Online or Call 702-444-0773 for meeting

*Free class is for students ages 9 and under. 1 free class limit per student


No Free classes during Covid-19. 

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We are the home of the R.A.G.E dancers!

(Reaching Above Greater Expectations)


Rated Top Dance School In North Las Vegas

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Adult Drop in class fee $10 per class

One Class *No experience needed

60 min. class each week $65 monthly


Two Classes

2 Classes each week $85 monthly 

Ages 6 & up



Studio 305

Elite Teams


(Age 5+)

 $125 (Monthly)

$165 (Monthly)

Does not include team gear, costumes, and choreography or competition fees.


Class Schedule



"I love to dance because it fills my heart. R.A.G.E (Reaching Above Great Expectations). I follow that model every day. No matter where I am or how old I get I will always love Rolle Project."

- Abigail :-)


"I feel I have grown to be a dancer here at Studio 305. Ballet with the teachers here has taught me ballet is the technique of all dances. Mr.T has taught me dancers always keeps their head up and carry themselves as one. Studio 305 is everything to me."

- Holidai


"I dance to express myself and at studio 305 I am able to do that. I love all classes but,Contemporary is my favorite. At studio 305 I learn technique and discipline. I call this my second home."


- Tori


"Being a part of studio 305 has probably been the best days of my life as a dancer. It's very friendly and the staff is amazing. It's always great learning from different styles of dance and studio 305 definitely brings that to you. I'm very grateful to be apart if this studio and I love every bit of it."

- Chancey