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Fall/Spring Dance classes with the best!!

Sign up for our 10-month class schedule from August 14, 2023 - May 2024. Classes are from 4-8 pm. Join our adult classes on Sundays. Each day is filled with daily classes and meeting new teachers, choreographers, and mentors.



The cost for our Fall Classes starts off at only $70 a month.

Fall/Spring 2022/23

Hours of Operation


Monday: 4pm-8pm

Tuesday: 4pm-8pm

Wednesday: 4pm-8pm

Thursday: 4pm-8pm

Friday: 5-7pm

Saturday: 9-6pm

Sunday: 1-4pm


Ask about our company/teams

all classes are OPEN  


LEARN, Modern,Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Stretch, Petite Ballet,Creative dance,Conditioning and much more, from beginner to advanced combo classes.


TAKE your skills to the next level with this with Studio 305 home of the Rolle Project.

BUILD your stamina!

All skill levels welcome!!!

Ages 3 & Up

Call Now for More Info 702-444-0773

We are the home of the R.A.G.E dancers!

(Reaching Above Greater Expectations)

Review our current  summer schedule 




"I love to dance because it fills my heart. R.A.G.E (Reaching Above Great Expectations). I follow that model every day. No matter where I am or how old I get I will always love Rolle Project."

- Abigail :-)


"I feel I have grown so much in the last year Studio 305. I won my first place solo and only been dancing 6/8 months at the time. I love Ballet and Mr.T  taught me that all styles are important . Studio 305 is my home and start."

- Amerika


"I dance to express myself and at studio 305 I am able to do that. I love all classes but,Contemporary is my favorite. At studio 305 I learn technique and discipline. I call this my second home."


- Micylen


"Being a part of studio 305 has probably been the best days of my life as a dancer. It's very friendly and the staff is amazing. It's always great learning from different styles of dance and studio 305 definitely brings that to you. I'm very grateful to be apart if this studio and I love every bit of it."

- Chancey

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