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Studio 305, Home of the Rolle Project New Policies, and procedures for the fall 2023/24.

Please take a minute to read through these guidelines to familiarize yourself and your dancers with our new procedures.

1.Parents must conduct their own health assessment of their dancer prior to arriving at the studio. Ifyour child is sick please stay home and make up classes later.

2.Lobby areas are not available to parents but we are still recommending Parents and siblings to wait in their cars instead of inside the studio due to limited space. If the limit of students and parents exceed our guidelines, parents will be instructed to wait in their cars. We do have the right to ask you to leave or refuse service to

3.Dancers are required to bring proper studio attire nothing else when entering the building and no big bags.

4.Dancers need to arrive from the back of the studio and exit the front. There will be minimum changing allowed in the bathroom. Dancers are encouraged to wear a cover-up to and from the studio as desired.

5.If we notice none of these guidelines are not followed, we will instruct you to stay home. Dancers should always check in and prepare for class not wait in the lobby.

6.Mandatory for dancers to bring their water bottles, have a 305 t-shirt. You can buy merch in our lobby area.

7.Please come ready for dance classes. (Please follow dress code or be ask to sit during classes.)

8.Anyone age 3 and up must check their attitude at the door. This includes staff.

9.Everyone is asked to participate in our fundraisers for the studio, Please understand we are a non profit and we receives no government funding for our programming.

10.For our ALL level's, please be ON TIME to pick them up and will let them out 5 min early to have time to change classes and exit.

11.Dancers and dance family members should remember that they are a representation of Rolle Project when wearing 305 attire.305 has a great reputation of tastefulness and grace with other studios during competitions
and conventions. Please help us keep our reputation one to be sought after.

12. Parents will be expected to get access to the 305 Parent Facebook and/or Band Group. Families will be held accountable for knowing the information posted in these groups. This information is essential to your dancer’s success in the Rolle Project.. Dancers are encouraged to join Band for as well as their individual

13.There are no additional costumes required for team other than the costumes that are needed for performances. There are fees for competitions. These group fees typically range from $55-$410 per competitive group. The first payment is due in October and payments can be sent to $305procost.


There are additional items required that are not included in this fee such as an 305 Company shirt, competition fees, competition earrings, jacket, etc. If a child does a solo/duet/trio, there are additional fees for those that can be discussed at that time.

Step 1: Enroll into your classes and be on time!

● Step 2: Buy your studio leotard and T-shirt

● Step 3: Add band to your phone for studio updates

● Step 4: For the safety of the students, no one is allowed in
any studio without a teacher present.

● Step 5: Be kind to your classmates and refrain from gossip.

● Step 6: Only water is permitted in the classrooms—no food,
drink, or gum.

● Step 7: Come to class dressed appropriately—follow the
established dress code.

● Step 8: Show respect to your teacher always.

● Step 9: Do not touch the mirrors (safety issue).

● Step 10: Do not hang on the ballet barres.

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