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Majorette Dance

Saturday 12-1:30pm

The students in Majorette dance will learn basic forms of dance movement. Begins with a warm-up to develop Hip-hop 305 majorette style which is high-energy, synchronized, rhythmic dance moves that draw from ballet, jazz, modern dance strength, jazz technique, flexibility and gymnastics. This class encourages a personal style of movement and freedom of expression, therefore, there is a focus on improvisation. Children increase their self-confidence and learn the skills of balance and coordination.

This class assists the young dancer well as older dancers who loves to dance and has a true passion for movement. The students learn how to dance to hip hop, jazz, and contemporary music as well as rhythmical patterns. Students will be introduced to the concepts of performing for their peers and family. 


At Studio 305, we encouraged our creative dancers to break outside of their comfort zone.


                                          *1 free class limit per student. 

                                                   Must sign up online

Call Now for More Info 702-444-0773

We are the home of the R.A.G.E dancers!

(Reaching Above Greater Expectations)

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Rated Top Dance School In North Las Vegas

Prices & Schedule

Free Class

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Best Prices In Town

Drop in class fee $15 per class

(Must pay In person only)

One Class *No experience needed

60 min. class each week $70 monthly



One day of  Classes

Classes each week $100 monthly 

Ages 6 & up


Choices: Ballet, Hip Hop, Petite, Creative Dance,Tap or Majorette


Two days a week

 3 Classes each week $125 monthly 

Ages 6 & up


Choices: Ballet, Hip Hop, Creative Dance, Majorette & Contemporary, Studio Company 


Three days a week Classes

 $165 monthly 

Ages 6 & up


Choices: Ballet, Hip Hop, Creative Dance, Majorette & Contemporary, Studio Company 


Studio 305

Elite Teams


(Age 5+)

TEAM: $125-165 (Monthly)

UNLIMITED: $210 (Monthly)

Does not include team gear, costumes, and choreography or competition fees.


Class Schedule

Petite Ballet 530pm-630pm Stretch n ballet 530-630pm Hip hop kids 631.jpg



"I love to dance because it fills my heart. R.A.G.E (Reaching Above Great Expectations). I follow that model every day. No matter where I am or how old I get I will always love Rolle Project."

- Abigail :-)


"I feel I have grown to be an amazing  dancer here at Studio 305. I use to cry and question everything i did and here has taught me confidence is the technique of all dances. Mr.T has taught me dancers always keeps their head up and carry themselves as one. Studio 305 4 life."

- Natalia


"I dance to express myself and at studio 305 I am able to do that. I love all classes but,Mr.T classes is my favorite. At studio 305 I learn technique and discipline. I call this my second home."


- Deysia


"Being a part of studio 305 has probably been the best days of my life as a dancer. It's very friendly and Mr.T is amazing. It's always great learning from different styles of dance and studio 305 definitely brings that to you. I'm very grateful to be apart if this studio and I love every bit of it."

- Neisha

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